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Stone Ground Nut

& Seed Butters


Three Leaves is taking your simple nut butter to the next level, creating artisan-crafted butters with unique flavors, to excite the palate. From our nut and seed Oh-Mega Butter, fortified with flax, hemp hearts & chia seeds, to our

nut-free Suntella, made with organic sunflower seeds, honey, dairy-free chocolate, organic coconut oil, organic vanilla & sea salt ... Think healthy Nutella. Yum!


All butters are made in-house, by hand in our commercial kitchen located in Santa Rosa, California. Every batch is slowly roasted & stone ground on a granite slab for up to 24 hours.


For centuries, people have used mortar and pestle or stone wheels to gently grind grains, seeds, spices and nuts, bringing out the best flavors while retaining essential vitamins and minerals. 


 Industrialization and mechanization has resulted in the use of high-heat steel mills and processors, where speed and quantity are held in higher regard over quality and nutrition.


Stone grinding, while slower in comparison to steel grinding, has a number of proven benefits.


  • The slow, massaging process completely breaks down the particles and cell walls at low temperatures, revealing the complete nutrition of the product as it is consumed.


  • The higher temperatures usually found in steel mills, not only destroy sensitive vitamins, but can also result in oxidation and rancidity which reduces quality and product life.

  • Stone grinding releases the natural oils and distributes them uniformly throughout the product creating a wonderfully smooth and creamy product.


  • Our stone ground nut and seed butters can be used for so much more than just a sidekick to jelly. They offer great added protein to smoothies, can be easily mixed into warm oatmeal or yogurt, and are a perfect topping for pancakes or waffles. Our nut butters can be used as the base for homemade protein bars or even as a butter replacement in dairy-free baking. They're also a delicious standalone, nutrient-dense on-the-go snack.... all you need is a spoon!  


Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our flavors

or if you would like a custom flavor blend made just for you!

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