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We are dedicated to creating, cooking and sharing the art and traditions of real foods.  


Our Roots

Rob Hogencamp brings skill, heart and passion to the Three Leaves Heritage Foods kitchen. You may already know Rob as a cornerstone of the real food movement in Sonoma County. Rob is well-known for his work as Executive Mentor Chef of the Ceres Community Project, where for five years he helped transform and grow the capacity of the kitchen, mentoring hundreds of Sonoma County teens in the process. Carrying the vision of Food as Medicine, he moved from The Ceres Project to design a healthy foods program at Sonoma West Medical Center.


In years prior, Rob’s passion for service, food, nutrition, and instigating laughter brought him to professional kitchens from Atlanta to Yosemite to the hills of Mendocino County. His passion for learning and teaching about food have helped him earn a B.S. in Hospitality Management, an A.S. in Sustainable Agriculture, a teaching credential in Culinary Arts, and certification as a Certified Dietary Manager. His work and studies locally have helped him connect with many local farmers and given him a deep understanding of our food system. As of November 1, 2016, Rob Hogencamp is the proud owner of Three Leaves Heritage Foods.  



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