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Our Purpose and Mission


At Three Leaves Heritage Foods, we strive to strengthen local food systems and support Sonoma County families by providing the highest quality, nutritionally dense foods prepared with love.




In today’s fast-paced, busy lifestyle, there's often little time for the planning and preparation of cooking traditional meals. We strive to bring families back to the table, to slow down, and simplify to process of enjoying a meal so there's the breathing room to remember how grateful we are for our lives, our challenges, and each other.    

Honoring Life


We offer real foods that

support busy families,

inspire care for the environment, and build the foundation for optimal health.




Families know that ingredients are thoughtfully chosen and prepared to preserve

culinary tradition and

             maintain nutrients.                                       

Cultivating Connection


Through the sharing of food,

or sharing of ideas, people become more connected

to themselves, each other, 

and the community. 

Our Pillars

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