Three Leaves offers weekly shares of locally-sourced, nutritious, pre-made meals for you to pick up at our certified kitchen.


The Three Leaves model is based on the idea that local, organic food maximizes wellness. 

Each week we plan  a new menu and procure ingredients from local, organic farms. Our newsletter subscribers then receive our menu by email and members (one-time $25 fee) have the opportunity to order a Share online between Friday and Sunday.

(you can click here to subscribe and you can check out this week’s menu here)

Once we know how many meals to prepare, we start cooking! And come Wednesday afternoon, our customers arrive to pick up their shares.

(We always make extra, so you can come in during our Wednesday and Thursday pick-up hours and purchase meals from our À La Carte selection. It’s a great way to get to know our flavors!)

Three Leaves Heritage Foods creates nourishing meals to support our community. 


As a Community Builder, Chef Rob is one who loves to show love by bringing food and people together.  With a talented and trusty team, Three Leaves Heritage Foods offers an abundance of local, seasonal real food for real life, allowing you to celebrate what easy to enjoy, healthy meals can look like and more importantly, how they can feel.  Nourishment is an essential key to what we have to offer to you and your family. 

Help us get to know you by coming into our Heritage Foods Store on West Third and Fulton Road in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Each share will contain:


  • one 32-oz. field-inspired soup

  • one 32-oz. fresh salad

  • one 32-oz. side dish

  • one easy-to-reheat prepared dinner entrée 

  • one 8-oz. ferment, sauce or spread

  • one healthy gluten-free dessert

People often ask us “How many meals does a share equal?”

Well, that depends on how people eat in your family. A family with a ravenous teenager eats differently than a family with a toddler. A family where both parents are runners will eat differently than a family of non-athletes. 


For our family of 4, we can usually share the entrée (with side item) amongst us, mix up a nice green salad and be content. The next night, we might split up the soup and the fresh salad from the share; the following night or another, we will heat up an order of our half roasted chicken or grass-fed burgers with crispy potatoes, onions and greens (available for purchase every week) with the condiment for the share. That leaves another salad to be enjoyed by the kids in their lunches or a parent at work, or as a supplement for any other meal. Each of the two desserts is usually enough to divide.


Shares are packaged in re-usable glass and/or recyclable containers.


A La Carte shopping is open to members and the public during our pick up hours:

Wednesdays 3pm-7pm* and Thursdays 10am-2pm*. 

(*Set a reminder on your phone!)