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Three Leaves Heritage Foods: Your Source for Tasty, Nutritious, and Local Foods

Marina I. Jokic​ | Bay Area for Sale

May 2012


Marina Jokic at shares with readers what Three Leaves Heritage Foods is dishing up! 


"Farm-fresh, seasonal, gluten-free and organic options are abundant at Three Leaves Heritage Foods." ...

Heather Irwin/PD

Santa Rosa Chef Has an Easy Solution for Eating Mega-Healthy

Bite Club Sonoma Magazine April 3, 2017


The BiteClub dining review section of Sonoma Magazine tests the Three Leaves Heritage Foods shares and calls it a win.


"Eating healthy is such a noble idea. We’ve all made those promises, bought the cookbooks, made special trips to the bulk bins for things like brewer’s yeast and amaranth flour. After all the expense and time, you’ve got a pantry full of mystery ingredients you’ll likely never use." ...

Mouthful – Smart Talk About Food, Wine & Farming
KRCB 90.9 & 91.1 FM
Michele Anna Jordan | November 2016

Start listening at 20:15 minutes into the show to hear Michele Anna Jordan interview Three Leaves Heritage Foods' Rob Hogencamp about his journey to becoming the new owner, menu items, and more...




Rob's interview starts at 20:15 minutes, so start play and then jump ahead if you'd like...

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