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Exciting News from Three Leaves!!

As this new season blows in, so comes change and transformation within Three Leaves Foods. Drawing from our passions, Jeff and I have molded a little idea of providing, nutritious, local, convenient food to our beloved community into a thriving place in the hearts and bellies of Sonoma County residents. We have loved every moment of our journey with each of you over the last 2 1/2 years. Allowing us into your lives sharing stories and prominent moments of love, marriage, birth and death we have valued the friendships and community that has formed around our food. As with anything created from deep within you, there comes a time for change. With the rate of growth happening at Three Leaves we felt the need to make a huge step toward growth or to pass the olive oil bottle to someone with the passion to carry her to new levels.

Jeff and I put out the feelers a few months ago to see if we might find the perfect fit, to take over our dream. We spoke to many interested buyers, but there was one clear choice that stood out from the first moment he walked in the kitchen.

We are so excited to announce as of November 1, 2016, Three Leaves will have a new owner and out of this world chef, Rob Hogencamp. He has the skill, heart and passion to take our baby to places we’ve only dreamed of. I am sure many of you already know Rob as a corner stone of the real food movement in Sonoma County. Perhaps he is best known for his work as Executive Mentor Chef of the Ceres Community Project, where for five years he helped transform and grow the capacity of the kitchen, mentoring hundreds of Sonoma County Teens in the process. Carrying the vision of Food as Medicine, he moved from Ceres to design a healthy foods program at Sonoma West Medical Center.

In years prior, Rob’s passion for service, food, nutrition, and instigating laughter brought him to professional kitchens from Atlanta, Georgia to Yosemite to the hills of Mendocino County. His passion for learning and teaching about food have helped him earn a B.S. in Hospitality Management, an A.S. in Sustainable Agriculture, a teaching credential in Culinary Arts, and certification as a Certified Dietary Manager. His work and studies locally have helped him connect with many local farmers and given him a deep understanding of our food system.

Rob’s wife Celosia Arcadia will also soon be an important part of Three Leaves. She has been Rob’s extra set of hands in the kitchen for nearly as long as they’ve been a couple. A true healer, she brings a passion for personal and planetary health and an orientation toward loving service. She also teaches stress-reduction, tai chi, and yoga at Sonoma State University. Her life’s work also includes teaching and gardening with young people in Sonoma County.

We assure you that the quality, love and commitment to local, seasonal and sustainable will continue to be the driving force of Three Leaves Foods. We are committed to passing on all of our amazing recipes and look forward to the fresh flavors that will soon be wafting from the kitchen. We have so much appreciation and gratitude for everyone who has supported us and helped us manifest our dream. We look forward to staying connected to the next chapter of Three Leaves.

Jeff and I will be stretching our wings and each trying new things. Jeff has enrolled in a CAD design course with dreams of designing beautiful residential kitchens with a chef’s eye for function and organization. As many of you will be happy to hear, I will be reopening my private functional nutrition practice where I would be honored to continue to guide you on your wellness journey.

With Gratitude,

Jeff & Tiana

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