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Makers and Bakers

Thanksgiving weekend ushers in the holidays with all kinds of splendor. For some, it is a time of trees and for others, it may be a time of football, and still others, a time of activism.

For a local food business like Three Leaves, practicality plays a role in our planning for the upcoming month. We want to be considerate of the needs of those who rely upon us. In the case of the upcoming holidays, we embrace the very real fact that cookies go hand-in-hand with Christmas. We also believe new nourishing recipes help to transform traditions to fit better with our twenty-first century health concerns.

Many of us need to restrain ourselves when it comes to sweets. If we're on gluten-free diets, we have moments of longing for the sweet treats of childhood. But old traditions fall into the past with the effort to preserve our health. So, what's the alternative?

At Three Leaves Heritage Foods, we're already thinking ahead. One, two, three... how many more cups? How many teaspoons? Measuring is the first major task of baking. Measure, mix and bake!

We start the task of measuring and mixing so that as the season carries on, as we get closer to the holidays, we also get closer to being ready to sell our wholesome cookies by the dozen. We have yet to select our favorite recipes but the effort is officially under way! And you can look forward to our delicious Chocolate Cranberry Cookies!

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