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Three Leaves Finds a New Home

As Fall rides gently in on cooler winds, we at Three Leaves are appreciating the lasting bounty of the summer and the abundance of amazing opportunities we have here in our lives.

Our exciting news is that plans are in the works for a new home for Three Leaves Foods, hopefully by the end of this year. While we have serving you and growing our business in our current location, we have a vision of being so much more. Finally, after many months of searching, a site has been procured just a few minutes away. Our new location will be at the corner of Sebastopol Rd. and Corporate Center Parkway. We are excited to build out a completely new kitchen and sales area. Once settled, we hope to expand our hours and our offerings. The excitement is building as each plan is finalized or as a permit comes through. This is a dream coming true.

Chef Rob signing a new lease.

Our Community Supported Kitchen has thrived because of your support. You enjoy our culinary creations and even share with others, you tell your friends about us, share photos on Instagram, and so much more. The food we make for you is food that we enjoy and want to share with our family and friends. It is our hope that when the time comes, you will travel a few extra minutes to visit us in our new location- we promise Three Leaves will be better than ever!

As we have slowly shared our news, we have been nearly overwhelmed with gratitude for the many wonderful people asking, "How can we help?" In addition to your continued support, what would help us most right now is your participation in increasing our building fund. We have to make several large purchases for our new kitchen: a Hood Fan at an estimated cost of $24,000 and a Walk-in Refrigerator at an estimated cost of $15,000, better and more efficient equipment, and a health department approved floor. It takes a lot to build a commercial kitchen! And these are the costliest items that we must buy.

There are a few ways you can participate in our growth. One way is to purchase gift cards for yourself or friends. If you know you will be continuing to buy our fine foods for your home into the future, why not pre-purchase gift cards that are valid in 2019, or even 2020? As an incentive, gift cards purchased for 2019 will have 5% of their purchase total added to them, and gift cards purchased for 2020 will have 10% added to their total. If you would like to invest in other ways, send us an email to discuss how that might work. If you are moved to invest in us, know that what you are doing is helping us cement our place in the community. Look for additional contribution opportunities coming soon!

So dear friends, these next few months are bound to be busy ones. As always, we wholeheartedly thank you for your continued support. Keep coming in - even if it's just to say hi and check on our progress.

With Joy in our hearts,

Rob and Celosia, and the Three Leaves Crew

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