Gastronomy of Indonesia

The food of Indonesia is a representation of the people, the landscape, and the past. The abundance of rice is a reflection of the fertile soil, spices are still as potent as the times of the trade ships, and the fiery chili echo’s the passion of the people. The cuisine is truly a mash up of many cultures, with culinary influences from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and other parts of Asia. Indonesian food is not complex; the beauty lies in the simplicity. Here each ingredient retains their flavor, each being an internal part. Layering is achieved by technique. The frying of the garlic and shallot, char of the wok or smokiness of the burning coconut husks, crunch from the peanuts, heat from the c


As a therapeutic natural chef, I’ve witnessed the healing magic that can be created in the kitchen and know the importance of having the right tools behind every intention. The knife for carving a chicken is not right for peeling the fine zest from a lemon. A whisk for whipping egg whites into a billowy cloud is not the same tool that’s needed to stir a 10-gallon stockpot of soup. Tools enable us to work more efficiently, create results, and make our lives easier when we know how to use them and can align our intentions with the results we are looking to achieve. This philosophy extends to all aspects of life including our journey to achieve vibrant health and sustained well-being. We may

The taste of a Journey

We had a 36 hour journey to Indonesia, 13 hours of which was spent in the Tokyo airport. Luckily it was amazingly clean (with surprisingly complicated toilets). We were so pleased to be able to feast on the best udon noodles, sushi, and pork ramen I have ever had. If you are ever stuck in an airport in the middle of the night with a 13 hour layover, you wish to be at the Tokyo Haneda! Landing in Jakarta we were instantly transported to a different world. The balmy island air was further thickened with the smell of clove cigarettes, Sumatran coffee and tea being sold by large family groups camped out on every parking block. The long and often confused looks from every man, woman, and child wa

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