Sesame....not just for the birds!

This week we're featuring a little seed with a lot of life. Sesame is thought to be one of the oldest known foods, seeds have been grown throughout the world since prehistoric times. In early Hindu traditions, sesame seeds represented immortality. The Babylonians used sesame oil to make exotic perfumes and medicine. Weighing in as one of the smaller seeds, sesame offers so much more than just a distinct nutty flavor to foods. It’s a powerhouse of organic minerals, especially calcium that supports bone and general health. Whole sesame seeds contain about 88 mg of calcium per tablespoon of seeds. Just a quarter cup of natural sesame seeds provides more calcium than a whole cup of milk. Plus

Cauliflower…. superfood of the week

*****plus my all time favorite cauliflower recipe****** When we hear the word "superfood" most of us think of exotic, expensive and hard to find foods with some magical properties coming from far away lands. It's true that foods like Acai, Goji, and Maca have high levels of nutrients we all could use more of, but lets not forget the incredible bounty of nutrient dense foods we have growing in our own back yards. These foods are not only easy to find locally, meaning they didn't have to be processed, put in a bag and travel across the planet, but eating food in season is exactly what our cells need to be healthy. This week we are looking closer at everyday foods we might pass by at the mark

A little nub with a lot of love

A Three Leaves Foods favorite, Asian grass-fed beef meatballs over seasonal stir fried veggies is always loaded with fresh organic ginger. Ginger's not only a staple flavor profile in Asian cuisine but the therapeutic properties of ginger are numerous. A few well documented uses for ginger are…. Motion sickness Ginger is an excellent natural remedy for travel sickness, morning sickness or nausea; and with good reason. It has a long history in this area, having consistently proven its effectiveness at reducing dizziness and nausea. The active ingredients in ginger are potent, so you don’t need very much of it either. It has a reputation for being safe for pregnant women too, making it a gre

Three Leaves Foods Featured in Santa Rosa's Press Democrat!

We are so grateful for the Press Democrat feature on Mother's Day! "Dinners on You: Three Leaves Heritage Foods is our new favorite way to cook healthy without actually cooking. Jeff Nunes and Tiana Kraus create nutrient dense, locally-sourced meals that come in reusable mason jars and recyclable containers, and can stretch to several meals depending on how hungry you are. A recent pick-up included clam chowder soup, citrus roasted beet salad with raw sheep milk cheese and pickled fava beans, Quinoa kale, herb pesto aioli, a roasted half chicken with crispy potatoes and carrots, and “hippie” crispy treats with almond butter and dark chocolate. Sign up for the week or month online, with price

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