Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2016!

Biggest Restaurant Trends 2016: Where to find them in Sonoma County By biteclub @biteclubeats · On November 11, 2015 Predictions for what we’ll be eating (and what we won’t) are rolling out, as industry ball-gazers see what’s hot and what’s not. This week, one of the biggest trend-watchers, Baum + Whiteman, released their forecast for restaurant trends 2016, and they rang pretty true to what we’re seeing around the Bay Area. Here’s a wrap-up of some of the most relevant new trends and “disruptors”, and where you can find them locally. Amy’s Burger at Amy’s Drive Thru 1. Healthification of fast food: Fast and fast-casual restaurants are ramping up the good stuff and starting to eliminate the

Love your CSK

Serious Green: Community Supported Kitchens TRESSA EATON "A CSK DOESN'T JUST DELIVER LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT, IT PROVIDES YOU WITH A READY-TO-EAT MEAL." You try your best to be green, buying local when you can, recycling, conserving water, the list goes on. But when it comes to participating in a Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) share, you stop short. Unknown quantities of a random assortment of vegetables piling up on you week after week? Eeek. If this sounds like you, or maybe you don't like too cook or find it too time-consuming or too isolating, Community Supported Kitchens to the rescue! A Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) is a new idea to connect farmers and eaters, especial

Super Sambucus

One of my favorite parts of running Three Leaves Foods, is my weekly interactions with the wonderful people who come in to enjoy the fruits of our labor. These short yet honest minutes have become a highlight of my week. Updates on life, births, deaths, accomplishments, hardships, digestion and the overriding compliment of how our service has made their lives just a little bit easier. Always makes my heart full dispite my sore feet. This week I came away with a recurring topic...not unusual for this time of year, as the temperatures drop fast and winter is on our tails. Lots of sickie germs flying around! People taking care of sick kids, trying to stay well themselves, and having a ha

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