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Thanksgiving weekend ushers in the holidays with all kinds of splendor. For some, it is a time of trees and for others, it may be a time of football, and still others, a time of activism. For a local food business like Three Leaves, practicality plays a role in our planning for the upcoming month. We want to be considerate of the needs of those who rely upon us. In the case of the upcoming holidays, we embrace the very real fact that cookies go hand-in-hand with Christmas. We also believe new nourishing recipes help to transform traditions to fit better with our twenty-first century health concerns. Many of us need to restrain ourselves when it comes to sweets. If we're on gluten-free d

9 Tips for Healthy Eating during the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, with it all its joys and demands. In order to stay grounded, healthy, and happy, we have a few tips to guide you through eating, drinking, and making merry! by Thais Harris Thais Harris is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, graduate of Bauman College in Berkeley, California, and an avid believer in whole foods and their power to heal. She is the Nutrition Education Program Manager for the Ceres Community Project. 1. Start with a healthy breakfast! A protein shake, which can crush hunger and cravings for hours, can help you avoid those holiday sweets at work. Try a blend of a clean protein powder, ie. grass-fed whey, organic pea or sprouted rice - with a

The First Time I had Heart-Strengthening Borscht

I didn't know what it was or why in the world it was pink. " Beets!" my husband chef told me. But that didn't make me want to eat it. I missed a couple of opportunities when he brought a jar home, feeling like a child, hoping he wouldn't insist I try it. Then there was the day that I did. My neighbor's wife had passed away and his son told me his father loved Borscht. I had beets in the fridge so I looked up the recipe and proceeded to discover one of the greatest comfort foods I could ever imagine. Later, my neighbor told me, "My wife used to make this!" and he smiled soulfully through puffy eyes. Borscht is simple fare. It is easy to make and includes grated beets, turning the soup p

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